Persistence Pays Off With Completing Payroll Audits

Posting by Kurt Needles, CPA

We tried numerous times to contact an out-of-town delinquent company to schedule a payroll audit. We had no success.  We finally decided to send a confirmation facsimile with a scheduled date the payroll audit would be conducted. We made it clear that the date would remain in effect unless someone from the company contacted us.  We knew the company received the correspondence because the company contacted the Local Union about the audit.

The owner never contacted us to change the audit date and was dumbfounded when he answered the door and the auditor was there, laptop in hand.  The owner made it clear the audit could not be conducted until a later date.   We advised him that if we had to make a return trip he may incur the costs of the audit.  He continued to oppose the audit.  As he was showing the auditor the way out the front door he was told that the auditor would be sitting out front in the rental car for the next six hours in case he changed his mind.

“That’s silly,” he responded.  We agreed that the situation was silly and the auditor sat, parked in front of the company.  Next thing we knew, we were at the company’s accountants office doing an unemployment analysis and copying payroll.

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