Payroll Auditing on the Bayou

Posting by Kurt Needles, CPA

One recent payroll audit took us to the doorstep of one of our southern clients, in this instance to the residence of the company accountant.  Every payroll auditor detests auditing in someone’s home – it is just uncomfortable.  On this particular day I had to ring the bell several times before the door was answered.  Apparently the accountant had forgotten about the audit appointment because he was still in his pajamas.

After throwing on a robe, the client led me back to his office.  I found one spot to sit on that was not covered with stacks of papers and other piles of junk and managed to find an outlet to plug in my laptop.  As I was going through the payroll, the accountant insisted on talking to me as I worked, and a Chihuahua was constantly walking around my feet.  The accountant told me all about his John Wayne movie collection, his pirated satellite signal, and showed me his collection of LARGE bowie knives.  Needless to say, I was glad when that audit was over!

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