Lack of Cooperation by the Employer – Reason 5

Posting by Larry Beebe, CPA

Calls and Cancels at the Last Minute

When an employer calls and cancels at the last minute, an immediate return phone call should be made advising the employer that considerable expense has already been incurred for the auditor.  The auditor may already be on his or her way to the site of the audit.  The payroll audit representative making the call should urge the employer to allow the audit it take place at the originally scheduled time and date.  The employer may still refuse, and in that instance, plan counsel should be contacted immediately.  If the auditor is in the vicinity of the place of the originally scheduled audit, plan counsel may advise the auditor to show up anyway as a last effort to convince the employer to allow the audit.

In most instances, plan counsel will be involved in rescheduling the last minute cancellation of a payroll audit.

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