Trustee Education

Larry Beebe, CPA

Trustees in employee benefit plans face unique challenges. Being a trustee is a second job. An appointment as a trustee comes about because of a person’s position in a union or with a contributing employer; serving as a trustee is what you do in addition to your regular job.

A person who becomes a trustee needs a great deal of knowledge and experience to do a proper job. Experience can only come with time and observing the actions of more experienced trustees. The knowledge needed to be an effective trustee can be gained through education. A trustee could gain some of the education needed by reading and studying, but the best source of information for trustees are educational programs taught by experts in employee benefit plans. The education gained in a well-taught program can be invaluable and the opportunity to meet with and share experiences with other trustees cannot be matched.

One of the best sources of education for trustees is the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans (the Foundation). The Foundation’s programs are tailored to trustees of employee benefit plans. Its programs for new trustees and advanced trustees are superb. The Foundation also has specialized programs for collections, construction, training funds, and other benefit plan issues.

The Foundation’s premier event is its Annual Employee Benefits Conference. This year, the Annual Conference is in New Orleans, Louisiana from October 30 – November 2, 2011. It offers an extensive selection of educational sessions and many opportunities for networking with peers. Our Firm will be sending five people to the event and four of them will serve as speakers. We would love to see you there.

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