Creating Successful Transitions

Change.  How often do you exit a business? Most owners only exit a business once in their lifetime. It is a new experience for an owner with a series of decisions of which any one decision can alter the outcome. Whether the business is going to be sold to an outside party, transition to co-owners or is going to be a family succession, the process of changing leadership and ownership is a complex series of steps.

What is Your Best Strategy?

Path. Is your strategy to close the business, merge it or sell it to an external buyer, family member, employee or existing co-owner or partner? Some businesses have different options to choose from, while others may have a limited path. Let us help you evaluate your options and work in collaboration toward the most favorable outcome possible for the direction you select.

How to Begin the Process…

  • Establish a Timeline | This Could Be 6 Months or 10 Years
  • Take Steps to Enhance Value | Make the Business Financially Attractive
  • Separate Yourself from the Business | The Business is Now an Asset for Sale
  • Depersonalize Decisions | Remove the Emotional Connection
  • Create a Tax Plan | Including Estate or Trust Needs, Life Insurance, Health Care
  • Prepare for Post-Exit | Establish an Investment Strategy for the Proceeds From the Sale

Time is a Valuable Tool in Exit, Transition & Succession Planning

Proactive. In general, a shorter planning time frame increases the potential to negatively impact the desired selling price and post-tax impact. Additional time allows an owner to present the most favorable financial results, ensure key-man and non-compete agreements are in place, allows for a more comprehensive tax strategy and enables owners to remove themselves as much as possible from the hands on parts of the operations.

Bond Beebe Helps

  • Lay Out the Plan to Begin the Process
  • Determine an Exit Date with You
  • Plan The Post-Sale Tax Impact
  • Acquire Independent, Objective Professionals
  • Maximize the Sale Value
  • Due Diligence

Ready To Start The Conversation?

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