Preserving Wealth

Unidentified risks are a far greater threat to your wealth than tax. While tax may threaten a percentage of your wealth, poorly identified risks can destroy it all. This doesn’t just mean the asset risks within your investment portfolio, such as the proportion of government bonds to shares, or whether you have too much money tied up in junk bonds, but the whole financial context of your life, especially if you’re a business owner. Those who aim to preserve wealth during their lifetime don’t need to create mind-boggling legal trusts, tax scams or hide assets overseas; if your goal is wealth preservation, you want planning that will leave you in control, and your overhead and time spent in administration at an absolute minimum.

Be proactive about your own wealth management, regardless of your stage in life—one needn’t be rich or elderly to embark on financial planning or estate planning. At Bond Beebe, we’ll help you develop a strategy that will preserve wealth in real terms, protecting against most of the uncertainties that may threaten it. We’ll help you assess risks such as: What happens if my employer goes bust? What happens if a financial services provider I have invested with collapses or is unable to meet its promises? Is my occupation pension secure? What happens if an elderly relative has to go into residential care? What happens if I divorce? Do I have enough personal, property and illness insurance? Our Wealth Management advisors help you work through such implications and attach a probability to them in order to clarify long-term planning issues.

Looking after our business clients’ personal financial needs is a natural extension of our business services. For over 80 years, Bond Beebe has advised individuals and families in preserving and improving their financial condition, and in 2000 formed Bond Beebe Financial Advisors, LLC, a group of professionals particularly adept at positioning people to keep more of what they have now while making appropriate plans for their future and, eventually, the distribution of their estates.

As our client, we care about you and want to guide you through these important plans. We currently have individuals licensed to offer securities in the states of Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Colorado. This is not an offer to sell securities in any other state or jurisdiction.

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