Maximize Your Time: Overcome Distractions During Busy Season

Post by Glenn Frank

March and April are some of the busiest times for accounting firms and professionals. Every minute counts during this busy season! For those that are distracted  while working, whether at the office or at home, it can be hard to move productively through the day. These distractions can adversely affect quality of work, employee morale and employee relationships.

Here is a Quick List of Distractors and Some Suggested Solutions

  • Need to check your email too many times a day…and then reply to the URGENT email.
    • The best way to avoid email ruining your workday is to schedule set consistent times to check your email during the day – how about when you arrive, an hour before lunch and about two hours before you quit for the day?
  • Texting vs. Calling
    • Texting seems like harmless socializing. However, things almost never end with just one message. If you respond to one message, you have potentially drawn yourself into a longer unproductive conversation that could have taken both less attention and less time if conducted over the telephone.
  • The Internet
    • Such access to so much information! It’s easy to lose focus here. Block or limit access you have to certain websites. There are application and programs that you can purchase for just this purpose: RescueTIme, Anti-Social, LeechBlock and Stayfocused.
  • Gossip
    • Everyone wants to know about it and share in the telling of it, but it has little place in the work enviroment.
  • Social Media
    • The best answer here might be simple, don’t go there, but if you cannot fight the urge, consider removing the applications from your cellphone and work computer.
  • Co-workers Dropping by to Chat
    • The use of music and the use of earbuds will often make folks thing twice before starting a conversation.
  • Multitasking
    • Humans are wired to do one thing well only, those that believe they are good at multitasking will be much better at focusing and finishing one thing before starting another.

General Solutions to Combat Distractions

  • Schedule Breaks – Please know that you’ll need to eventually break your concentration. The best way to do this is to schedule times Remember to set limits on the amount of time you spend on break.
    • Mental break – Unwind for a few minutes. Try and find something that makes you smile (or just smile). The act of smiling can be stress reducing.
    • Physical Break – Go for a walk outside. This will refresh you and increase your ability to concentrate.
  • Use Your Break Time to
    • Check your cellphone for personal messages and texts.
    • Chat with friends/coworkers.

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