Hiring a Payroll Auditing Firm, Question 8: Do you Have a Dedicated Payroll Audit Staff?

Posting by Larry Beebe, CPA

Ideally the payroll audit firm should have staff that do nothing but perform payroll audits. There are several advantages in having full time payroll auditors:

  • The payroll audits are usually performed more efficiently by staff who are totally dedicated to this type of work. Auditing staff who are assigned periodically to do payroll audits usually do not understand how to operate efficiently and effectively due to the unique nature of the work.
  • Payroll audit reports are produced more timely by full time payroll auditors. Part time payroll auditors often go back to their other duties and finish reports only when they have time.
  • Full time payroll auditors tend to have more audit findings. They know how to find the deficiencies that exist and they can often accomplish the audit quicker than part time payroll auditors.

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