Hiring a Payroll Audit Firm, Question 2: How Many Audits Do You Perform?

Posting by Larry Beebe, CPA

s part of this series, I am providing Plan Trustees with a list of questions they should ask when requesting proposals from payroll auditing firms.  Click here to view the full list of questions.

Question 2: How many audits do you perform annually?

A firm that performs a large number of audits annually has the ability to complete audits in a given geographic area for many of its clients at the same time.  This saves time and money for each of its payroll audit clients.

A firm performing many audits is likely to understand how payroll audits are done better than a firm that just performs a few audits each year.  Payroll audit firms learn from their experiences.  What they learn on a given audit is likely to benefit a future payroll audit.

A firm doing a large number of audits should be efficient in terms of fees charged; their overhead is shared by more audits.  The larger payroll audit firms can also afford to spend more money on automated functions, which should also streamline operations and reduce costs.

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