Fraud Alert: Beware of The Reshipping Scam

Posting by John Merchant

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service warns of an apparent employment opportunity that is actually a scam called Re-shipping Fraud. The scam goes like this: You receive notice of an opportunity or see an ad for employment as a “package processing assistant”. This is an attractive offer because you can work from home and your only duty is to receive packages and then re-ship them to a foreign address. The package that you are shipping overseas is likely to contain one of two things. Either it contains items bought with stolen credit cards that the fraudster needs your help to smuggle out of the U.S. or it contains counterfeit postal money orders that the fraudster needs your help in shipping to other fraudsters. You will often be paid for your services with a postal money order. Unfortunately, that money order is likely counterfeit.

In a twist on the basic scheme, the fraudster may send you a postal money order which you may deposit into your bank account. From that amount you may deduct your fee and wire the balance to someone else. You may have completed wiring the balance before you find out that the money order is counterfeit.

If you wish to verify that a postal money order is authentic, you may call the Money Order Verification System at 1-866-459-7822

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