Due Soon: DC Personal Property Tax Forms

Post By Veronica Calvo

It is almost that time of year again! All individuals, partnerships, executors, administrators, etc. that own or hold personal property in the District must file a District of Columbia personal property tax return (FP-31) by Monday, July 31st.

What constitutes DC personal property?

According to the general instructions for FP-31, DC personal property includes “used or available for use in DC in a trade or business, whether or not operated for profit; and kept in storage, held for rent or lease or similar business arrangement with third parties, government agencies or non-profit entities.”

What does your accountant need to know in order to file the FP-31 for you?

In order to prepare a DC personal property tax form, the following information will be needed:

  1. A list of fixed asset additions from 1/1/2017-6/30/2017
  2. A list of fixed asset disposals from 1/1/2017-6/30/2017
  3. An estimate amount of supplies on hand at 6/30/2017
  4. Do you have any leased property? If so, what is the monthly rent?
    • If already an existing client, you should notify your accountant of any possible changes to any leases you hold.

For more on DC personal property see 2018 FP-31 District of Columbia (DC) Personal Property Tax Forms and Instructions. For more in-depth explanations as to what is included for additions, disposals, supplies and leased property for a personal property return see pages 4 and 5 of the link above.


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