Retirement, let alone plans to hand over the business, can seem like a distant speck on the horizon when virtually all of a business owner’s time is consumed by maintaining positive cash flow and a stable balance sheet. And if you don’t want to simply sell the business lock, stock and barrel – picking a successor isn’t always as easy as appointing a family member or assistant to take your place. Establishing a sound business succession plan is beneficial […]


Congress passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (“The Act”) on January 1st, 2013 to avoid the much-discussed “fiscal cliff,” and the President quickly signed it into law on January 2nd.  The Act prevented drastic tax increases on millions of Americans, but several increases were still enacted.  Here’s how you and/or your business might be affected:

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Individual Tax Provisions
Though there were several big changes to the tax code in the Act, they were all tied to […]

Fraud Alert: Beware of The Reshipping Scam

Posting by John Merchant

The U.S. Postal Inspection Service warns of an apparent employment opportunity that is actually a scam called Re-shipping Fraud. The scam goes like this: You receive notice of an opportunity or see an ad for employment as a “package processing assistant”. This is an attractive offer because you can work from home and your only duty is to receive packages and then re-ship them to a foreign address. The package that you are shipping overseas is […]

Employee Benefits Specialists – Speakers Bureau

Our employee benefits specialists  are sought after for speaking engagements by industry associations and by benefit plans and unions themselves, and often instruct other professionals in the field.  For more information on scheduling a Bond Beebe professional, contact us.
David Dorsey, CPA

Managing Principal

Noted advisor to labor organizations and benefit plans, Dave has served as the managing partner and president of Bond Beebe since 2002.  He has substantial experience in providing accounting and auditing services for local, national and international labor […]

Lapping of Cash Receipts: A Bond Beebe Case Study

A few years ago, one of our audit clients was the victim of fraud when an employee embezzled cash receipts.  The fraud was made possible by a combination of unusual circumstances and errors in management judgment.

As we started the annual audit of our client’s financial statements, we learned that the long-time controller had decided to retire.  He did not want to leave the company in a bind, so he offered to stay on until the audit was completed.  By […]

Hiring a Payroll Auditing Firm, Question 7: What are the Qualifications of Your Payroll Audit Staff?

Posting by Larry Beebe, CPA

When evaluating potential payroll auditors, experience and training is more important than the degree they hold; payroll auditors rarely hold an accounting degree. Plan representatives selecting an auditing firm should ask how the firm obtains new payroll auditors, how it trains them, and the experience of the auditors.

A firm should develop the following qualities in a payroll auditor:

Understands the payroll audit process. The payroll audit is designed to test the employers’ compliance with the […]

The Field of Forensic Accounting

Particularly since the emergence of far-reaching financial scandals, and sweeping legislation like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, there has been a growing demand for the services of forensic accountants. These specially trained individuals possess fraud examination skills which can help organizations in the detection and deterrence of fraud.

For a forensic accountant to succeed in this dynamic and competitive field, four fundamental areas of knowledge should be mastered:

Criminology – What is the motivation for people who commit fraud?
Financial Transactions – […]

Preventing Fraud: How Solid are Your Internal Controls?

John A. Merchant, CPA, CFE, CFF

Fraud in the workplace has become a major topic of conversation over the past few years.  It seems that frauds of various types are being reported at a rate far greater than just a decade ago.  Are there really more frauds being committed today than ten years ago, or are we just getting better at finding them?

Whatever the answer to that question is, it is clear that one of the best methods of detecting […]

Webinar: Effectively Managing Leadership Transitions In The family Enterprise

In this webinar, seasoned family business advisors share insights on how  family businesses can effectively manage leadership transitions through honest conversation. You will glean tips and tactics for initiating difficult conversations around leadership transitions in family enterprises and recognizing circumstances that may trigger conflicts. You will also discover valuable strategies for effective communication and diffusing and resolving conflict.

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Webinar: Premarital Agreements

In this webinar, seasoned family business advisors share insights on how your family business can proactively handle premarital agreements and best deal with divorce when the plaintiff is the owner of the family business. In this presentation, you will learn how the lawyers and advisors for the family business owner can most effectively carry out their roles during a divorce, and how they can work together as a team to preserve and protect the family business and the owner’s interests. […]